About us

About Co-Founders

Ash and Wine is led by Irem Aksu and Melisa Atay, two London-based young women work in food and wine industry.

Melisa takes her enthusiasm from her family’s vineyard in Aydin, where the earth shows its generosity for growing delicious regional grapes. She is an ambassador of quality Turkish wines in London who also works closely with many independent, local wineries from Turkey as well as Armenian, Georgian and Croatian wine makers. With her company she introduces a wide range of wines to London’s best restaurants and beyond.

Irem successfully runs her food project Topik London founded in 2015, to explore and cook dishes from many different minority food cultures from Istanbul as well as more well known Turkish dishes. As a chef, her food is a combination of unspoken flavours from Turkey’s diverse cuisine which built on various civilizations over centuries. With her project she curates pop-up dinners and private events in collaboration with London’s bespoken places.

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